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Nikolai Wright
United States
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Hey all!

Quick update, been really busy lately.  A lot of stuff going on, started a very short-term contract job and inspired from Bronycon 2014 (which I will post details about later), I wanted to make a quick post to ask some opinions on a Pony-Card game (do note I will NOT be charging for the game, similar to TSSSF).

I have found an artist willing to work in my budget to make a prototype of the game, which I then hope to Kickstart to improve the quality of (color, physical copies, etc).  The main stickler to the game is what 'theme' would you find more interesting?

Inspired in part by Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder (which is an AMAZING game if you haven't had a chance to look at the awesome art and its well-written rules), I've always wanted to do my own card game but finding an affordable artist has always been an issue.  Now that it isn't, I can really make this happen.  I really wish I could run a poll but I can't justify paying for it, so hence this journal!  So here are the ideas:

1. Gamer Luna
Idea: Luna has a big day coming up, which means she has to finish as many games as possible before getting back to work!  Being our Princess of the Night, Luna goes on a gaming binge to complete as many 'achievements' as possible before the big day!
Gameplay: Plays start with Princess Luna in the middle of the playing field, creating a 'social web' of games around her (reflecting her ability to multi-task or moving from game to game).  As her web grows, other ponies in Equestria start picking up games and joining her - from games like World of Horsecraft to Call of Ponies.  Goals are drawn on the table which all players try to win to 'unlock the achievement' and gain score.  Some goals might be 'Have Luna play a game with Twilight Sparkle' to 'Have Cadance beat Luna in a game'.  Item cards might be 'Late Night Coffee Binge' to give Princess Luna an edge in a game to win and not merely play co-op, as an example.

2. The Lunar Republic vs the Solar League/Empire (Military)
Idea: A more 'action' strategy take, this game will cover the conflict between the two sisters, with additional player factions like the Changelings or the Nightmare Denizens acting as 3/4 player factions.  The objective of the game is to earn enough victory points to firmly claim Canterlot and thus the seat and rulership of all of Equestria.
Gameplay: Players will play character cards as Leaders, Troops Cards, and Items.  There would be cards like General Twilight Sparkle, who may attack a troop of 'Royal Guard ponies', but then the other player plays 'Corruption' to make Twilight join their cause, or 'Sandbags' to block the attack.

3. Ponies and Dragons (Fantasy LARP)
Idea: All the ponies of Ponyville have decided to join a massive Fantasy LARP session.  Characters show up as 'classes', such as Big Mac, King; Twilight Sparkle the Mage, AJ the Paladin.  Locations would consist of their real world counterparts, such as Sugar Cube Corner might be the 'Lair of the Big Bad One!'
Gameplay: Players form parties of 'characters', working together and against one another to quest through the many locales of Ponyville and Equestria.  The objective of the game can range from finding a Legendary Object to defeating a certain Big Bad to complete the quest/adventure before anyone else.

4.  Space Battleship Equestria (Sci-fi)
Idea: Future or to be determined setting, with characters filling out roles on a ship or vessel of some sort.  For example, Twilight Sparkle the Scientist, AJ the Marine, Rainbow Dash the Pilot, etc.  Cards will include 'Crew' cards, encounters/challenges, and 'room' cards (the ship itself is modular, with Hallways, Bridge, Engine Room, etc that can change the layout of the ship every game it is played.  Certain crew members might force parts of the ship to be on the board while other areas may open up as you explore).
Gameplay: Players work together to accomplish the 'mission', all the while managing their crew members to accomplish various tasks on the ship (marines booting off intruders, scientists may be working to purge a virus, etc).

These are the 4 big 'ideas' I have, but their theme could change (for example Idea 4 could be a WW2 game also with characters being individual pilots with traits, etc).  I'd like to get an opinion of what YOU might find the most interesting game focus to base a game system around.
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