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March 28, 2013
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And so... their Journey Begins! by Lionel23 And so... their Journey Begins! by Lionel23
Writing Fanfic Season 2, Episode X (TBD) - And so... their journey begins! A commission art illustration done by :iconjackjacko-eponymous:~JackJacko-Eponymous.


"I can't believe we're going on an adventure, just like Twilight!" Applebloom said happily, skipping merrily ahead of the group as they climbed the twisting mountain paths towards Machu Alpacchu.

"I'm sure that this time, we'll definitely get our cutiemarks!" chimed in Scootaloo, though a big huff from behind cause her to tilt her head backwards at the source.

Ever since leaving Haydeaux (and with what happened to the Damsel), their company had been joined by a certain changeling queen.

"Urgh... move it... already!" Sweetie Bell groaned as she shoved her hooves into Chrysalis flank to budge her forward.

Even though they were all adults, Chrysalis was bigger than any normal pony. And despite her cheese-holed legs, her display of reluctant resistance was giving Sweetie Bell a hard time in making her keep up with the group.

"Annoying little foals..." she muttered.

"Well, these 'annoying' little foals are going to prove your innocence! You should at least be grateful for that," Scootaloo said defiantly.

"I didn't ask for your... 'help'," Chrysalis retorted bitterly.

"And if we didn't offer our help, just where would you and your Changeling Kingdom be now? Writhing in agony because you can't get any love and you're too weak to take it from anypony anymore? That was why you were making that deal with the Damsel, wasn't it? Tell her something to save Equestria, and in exchange get enough sustenance to get you and your changelings back on their hooves?" Sweetie Bell grunted and gave Chrysalis a sudden shove forward, nearly throwing the queen off-balance.

"Watch it, you little ingrate!" Chrysalis hissed and bared her signature fangs.

"Girls!" Applebloom interjected, skipping back with purpose in her step as she stood between Sweetie Bell and the Changeling Queen, "Now Lady Amarethea said we oughtn't be fighting. We gots to work together if we're going to get up there and save Equestria. Now who's with me?"

The other Crusaders raised their hooves and let out a hearty cheer.

"Here, here!" the three of them said in unison.

"Argh... this is going to be a long, long day..." Chrysalis lamented sardonically.

Unbeknownst to them, they were being watched from a nearby cliff. They were not alone in these mountains.

Even more teasers! This one is a bit out of order, as JackJackoEponymous had to take some time for this one. This is actually the 1st 'real scene' after the dungeon scene with the Damsel on the floor. That illustration is what starts this journey and this is their first location that they are all going to check out to save the Damsel in Distress!

Note for those who may say 'Well, the CMC are really big compared to Chrysalis!', the CMC in this feature story of mind have been turned into adults via magical means, and being they had blank flanks in the first place sets them a spot above the Mane Six in that they don't have specific talents that they are limited to during this journey, which as a writer gives me more options to explore other things with them. The sky's the limit! At least that is what a certain Rainbow-colored pony told me!
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elusiveCONQUEROR Mar 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
:iconhappyderpplz: THOSE LLAMAS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!
damn, where can i read the whole fic? 0.0
Still writing it, I have a family emergency this week so it's on temporary hold till I return!
so when will the stories be out? i really REALLY want to read it :D
i have a few questions of curiosity

1. Can i get a link to your fimfiction, if you have one.
2. What is the name of the fanfic season 1?
It's in my gallery (the fanfic for 'season 1') while I'll get you the FiMFiction link, note me to remind me as I have a plane to catch today!
aah the south-americans <333

i rly loved to see a pic with these haha~~ <33
Tenga cuidado, porque llamas son muy peligrosos! Si usted ve uno, grita: ¡Cuidado, hay llamas!
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