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July 25, 2012
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I shall either find a way or make one, Twilight by Lionel23 I shall either find a way or make one, Twilight by Lionel23
"Aut inveniam viam aut faciam, Twilight Sparkle." - Gaius Mareacus

The illustration above is another scene in my MLP fanfic series about Twilight Sparkle visiting various remote areas of Equestria. In the scene depicted, Imperator Gaius Mareacus and his Legion are ambushed while escorting Twilight and friends through the North Fens. Despite the chaos of the situation, Gaius remains both cool and collected; a beacon for his fellows to rally behind. Twilight Sparkle is a bit unnerved by the ensuing battle, but Gaius positions himself besides her to protect and reassure Celestia's star pupil that no harm will befall her or her friends. Below is a little blurb about the scene.

Twilight Sparkle cautiously stepped back as the clash and den of battle echoed around her.

"Do not be afraid, Twilight Sparkle," a voice called from behind her.

Before the purple unicorn could turn around to identify the source of the voice, she felt a strong body press against her side - preventing her from withdrawing further backwards.

"My Legion shall keep us safe. They are veterans of countless battles. They know what to do, and as long as I yet breathe then they will not falter," Imperator Gaius Mareacus said calmly, looking over the lines of Legionnaires quickly forming a wall with their shields to keep the enemy at bay.

"But we are surrounded, Imperator. How will we get out of this predicament?"

A Legionnaire cohort approached the duo with a flaming torch held steadily in his mouth. Gaius exchanged a quick glance and a nod to the guard, who nodded his head in an affirmative at some unspoken question.

"Aut inveniam viam aut faciam, Twilight Sparkle," Gaius declared as he surveyed the ongoing battle unfold around them.

Twilight blinked at his native tongue used by him and his fellow ponies of the Empire. Picking up the mixed signals from the unicorn, Gaius moved to correct himself for the benefit of his charge.

"I shall either find a way or make one, Twilight Sparkle. You and your friends will see this through to the end, I assure you."

Imperator Gaius Mareacus, Veteran and Ruler of the Empire
Twilight Sparkle, Ponyville's Star Prodigy

Illustration artwork by :icontiaamaito:*tiaamaito.

EDIT/UPDATE: New version with placeholder shields removed to real shield designs.
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What is this fanfiction called and where can I perhaps find it? .3.
YEAH!!! Latin! I understood that actually!!!
Don't know why, but I hate this pic... It's great but, I fucking hate it. Don't know why.
1. Maybe you hate Twilight.
2. Or you just hate Roman Legion.
I don't hate Twilight.... Or do I? Not too sure, all the stories of her go like this: "Oh your an unknown species, FOR SCIENCE *Clop*. Or, FOR SCIENCE *Near death of human*. Or, "Kill it! Kill it with FIRE!!"
And as for the Legion? I fucking love the Roman Legion, it's awesome, hell even Ceaser's Legion from Fallout New Vegas.
Then the problem is.....Twilight. Well, that normal. Many people don't like she much. Some hate she. But she is Ok in my book.
Are, are you fucking kidding me? Do you speak English.
No. I don't speak English as my mother language. But last time i check. I not write somethings wrong. And i don't say that you hate Twilight. Just say that you don't like she.
..... It's translated as "you don't like "she"" rather than "her" Either way, she is kinda of a pain in the ass when it comes to fan fics and such.
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