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Old Caudel City - Triumvirate of Man by Lionel23 Old Caudel City - Triumvirate of Man by Lionel23
Illustration done by :iconjcbarquet: *jcbarquet. This illustration shows one of the three major cities that make up the Triumvirate of Man. The Triumvirate is an ancient alliance consisting of the three most powerful factions of the Men of the West (as opposed to the Men of the East such as the Imperial Central Authority).

The Triumvirate brings much diverse strength into its fold in order to counter their perceived weaknesses by other nations and countries. Caudel primarily contributes the power of their Mage-Wizards to the alliance, bring powerful and destructive conjurers of the arcane into any battle that the Triumvirate may find itself in. The Union of Kahrain - home to the Court of Justice - is a land of almost perpetual rainfall and whose wandering judicators enforce the word of law while their Civil War-styled Union troops and witch hunters keep the darkness of their cursed woodlands at bay. Lastly, the Andar Principality is a land of strong and hearty men who thrive on their independence and are renowned for their taming of the native drakes and the famous Drakeriders of Andar.

For Caudel in particular, the seat of their city-state lies in the ancient city of Old Caudel. Dating far back into the days of antiquity, Old Caudel represents the oldest and most significant housing of old tomes and records of the history in the world (much like the library of Alexandria). Ancient spell books of power and magical artifacts of untold potential are all locked safely away in the Tower of Light, a massive structure at the center of the city that protects the inhabitants and their homes from outside influence. The giant Crystal of Light is suspended by magic at the tower's uppermost levels, and from there it can focus and fire a beam of pure light - cleaving any would-be aerial invader out of the sky or extending a magical protective barrier over the entire city to prevent invasion or sieges.

Much of the rest of the city bears close resemblance to Diagon Alley (from Harry Potter); crowded, old buildings and narrow streets teeming with the hustle and bustle of city-life, much like the days of old London. Another massive structure (not pictured) is the great round, domed building that houses the Office of the Grandmaster, the 'president' of the Conclave of Wizards. It is from this building that all the major families and wizarding houses debate and vote on magic and non-magic laws, which ultimately affect its two classes of citizenry.

NOTE: More info will be posted at another time, but I really wanted to get this illustration up before my big trip this week!
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Eonex-the-Bard Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2015
Can I just say I love the word "Triumvirate". I'm glad to see it getting use in such an awesome way.
CreepyFan0311 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
ennueye Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012
that is so... epic. beyond words amazing.
Chicken325 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
Whoah... cool o_o
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