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Tel'ron - the Marble Citadel by Lionel23 Tel'ron - the Marble Citadel by Lionel23
Amazing speed commission work done by :iconlyno3ghe:~Lyno3ghe! Part of my 'Worlds' commission project that I have going on with several artists to illustrate my world for artistic and referential purposes.

Tel'ron (the Citadel of the East) and Tek'ron (the Citadel of the Northern Watch) are the twin capitals of Republic of Arcadia. For the Twin Capital Tek'ron, follow this link: [link]

Situated in the north-east portion of the inner region of the country known as the Arcades Superior, Tel'ron functions as both the administrative and naval stronghold of the Republic Legion and its accompanying fleet. The city boasts a massive citizen population (as seen on the mainland) and the entirety of the Arcadian coast bears a similar resemblance to the white cliffs of Dover in the UK. The Great River Caleoyus (which runs from the mountains near Tek'ron and acts as the natural border separating the Arcades Inferior and Arcades Superior) empties off the great cliffs into the eastern sea.

The tall towering structures seen in this illustration are the famed Harbor Towers of Tel'ron. Starting with Tower 00, the towers act as administrative offices and garrison bases for the Harbor Seaguard Legion, as well as acting as airship docking terminals and customs checkpoints (only applicable to the towers along the water on the right, as the wet-based docks have to process their goods through the towers). Each tower houses a vast array of AAA weapons, including single 22-inch battleship cannons located in the upper third portion of the tower. Being based high up, the guns are able to pose significant threats to aerial and naval-based fleets. The tops of the towers mount radar to assist the guns in firing at ranges well beyond their own visual line-of-sight.

Located near the Caleoyus River are the famed Cliff-Docks of Tel'ron. These function as the city's primary military drydocks and construction berths, allowing them to be safely maintained in the event of a siege or attack.

In the background, the famed Marble Citadel of Tel'ron can be seen. The top of the tower acts as a massive lighthouse, dating back to the naval history and tradition Tel'ron has served along the eastern coast of Keros. The Citadel Grounds (the entire raised level of the Citadel) houses the administrative offices of the Republic, public gardens (similar in style to Roman Gardens), and the Senatorial Chamber and Presidential Office.

The 'Lower Harbor' district at sea-level acts as the primary port-entry point to receive more modern ships as well as serves as the homeport of the Republic's vast wet-based Harbor Fleet. A Harbor Fleet battleship and accompanying escort can be seen together guarding the southern approach in the lower right of the picture. A massive seawall is located just at the north end of the harbor to help shelter the entire harbor area from strong waves.

The 'Capitol District' is the entire portion of the city located on massive raised columns. Built up since the foundation of the city back in early times, the columns are thick and sturdy enough to not be vulnerable to attempts to blow them up with modern explosives and weapons, and there is enough redundancy that the city can remain standing even if 2/3rd of the columns are destroyed (portions of the city are built on small stone outcroppings off the coast). Below the Capitol District, the entwining 'pier' like bottom serves to allow barges and wooden ships access to directly to offload their good below the markets and stores that occupy the city. Goods can then be transported to people's houses via small boats and vessels, thereby freeing up space on the streets above.

The entire 'lower' floor of the Capitol District acts a large, singular floor known as the 'Military Ward', and it is here the entirety of the Urban Legions are stationed. In the event of a siege, they will seal off all the doors and shut down all the lifts that spiral down the columns to the sea under the city. With machine guns and cannons mounted on the ceiling of the undercity, as well as having an entire military based on guarding small, single doorways at the top of winding staircases and ramps, it makes assaults a costly and almost impossible event to just breach the first floor of the lower city. With access to heavier artillery and vehicles in the Military Ward (which also acts as a warehouse and customs level), the Legion can effectively lock any invading force indefinitely in the underground bunker floor. The same can be said if - in the very unlikely off-chance - the harbor is ever invaded and the Harbor Towers bypassed, the ramps and walls leading up to the Capitol District, as well as the Citadel Grounds wall-turrets and bunkers can lay waste to any would-be invader. Should even the Capitol District (with the prereq urban fighting that entails) fall, then the defenders can retreat to the Citadel itself for a last stand, though such an assault would be excessively costly. The design of the city was built so that if any land army ever approached (effectively going through the entire Republic to get to), the citizen population (who are all reserve Legionnaires, as citizens serve mandatory military stints) would evacuated over the Great Causeway bridge and hole up in the fortified heart of Tel'ron.

The buildings and structures are all made of white marble, with a certain uniformity in height so as to not pose a threat should that building ever collapse or is taking by an invading force. The only exceptions are the massive Harbor Towers, which are made of a heavily reinforced steel and mythril material from the dwarves of the Thorbane Sovereignty to serve as stalwart mini-fortresses of the city.

Lastly, due to the heavy military focus of the Republic, as well as their dual roles as both the police and military (which the Arcadian public is most proud of) and the naval 'heart' of Arcadia, no less than two Praetorian Fleets are based above the city (some military warships and fighter planes can be seen patrolling the city's airspace). As a matter of military policy, all Republic airships are pooled into one of two Praetorian fleets, and then assigned to 'Provincial' fleets for action outside the borders of the Republic, thus always ensuring a significant home fleet to defend the Republic.

Tel'ron also goes by several other names. Technically it is called the Citadel of the White Coast (DA title naming character restrictions prevent me from properly naming this), it is also affectionately known as the Marble Citadel and the single greatest symbol of all Free Peoples and Nations in the world (due to the importance of the Republic Senate in the grand scheme of things when compared against other nations and countries).
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jade2074 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
I absolutely love it, with its defence walls and the white tower at the back. It's splendid !
Lionel23 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
Hehe, meant to be a 'Minas Tirith' of sort in my world - a fabulous city for the good guys ^^
Acrgq Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013
xelianthought Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
Balhirath Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012
I love the drawing and the details in it, but i LOVED the story behind it :)
Lionel23 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
Thanks so much for reading it!  I put a lot of thought into why it is the way it is and I'm glad someone appreciates it!
Jintekken Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
ironsides11 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011
I really like the sky and the lighting in the piece. Also, the city has a great Old World feel to it, makes be think of Venice. Keep up the good work!
Lionel23 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011
Heh, partially the idea behind it. It's Rome taken to 11! Marble white streets and buildings and such like that ^^
Clorush Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
How in the world did you make this??
Iam a big fan of landscapes and sceneries like this one!
Lionel23 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011
Commissioned drawing, see description for the artist ^^ But yeah he pretty much nailed the overall look of this city... grand scale for the 'good guys', and in my story a battle does take place here too ^^
S7alker117 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011  Professional Writer
This is very cool, very cool indeed!
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