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The Dreadlord, Grandmaster of the Fel by Lionel23 The Dreadlord, Grandmaster of the Fel by Lionel23

Commission sketch concept done by :iconvalkyrie-girl:*Valkyrie-Girl.

This is my non-MLP related story idea that I'm writing up, based roughly on the concept of the 'Lords of Midnight' game. The story is centered around Lord Sovereign Celeste and her quest to recruit the various Lords of the Free Kingdoms - legendary heroes who each possess a magical weapon or artifact as symbol of their office and position.

The story is mainly told in 'animal form' (for ease of illustration), but shifts to human form when fighting/combat occurs.  All the characters transform for these sequences (though the characters themselves of any change, as it's meant as a more stylistic narrative device).

Illustrated above is the main villain and perpetrator of events in the Lords of Sovereign story - the Dreadlord himself.  Defeated once before long ago, he has come back with an army the likes the world has never seen.  All with one goal in mind - to wipe away the Free Kingdoms and take the Crystal Thrones for himself (but to do so, he must take and marry the Lady Celeste in order to 'inherit' the throne).  Of all the Fel - magical beings similar to the Fey (the good variant) - he is the most infamous and feared figure in all of the history of the Free Kingdoms.  His power is known as the 'Dread Fear', which he can spread across vast distances with great intensity.  Goodly and free creatures are overcome with a heavy heart of dread, sapping their willingness to oppose the Dreadlord's forces.  Only the presence of the Lord Sovereigns (whose very nature can counter that ability in their immediate area) or an individual of redoubtable and legendary boldness can overcome the Dreadfear, but those individuals are few and far between.


Name: The Dreadlord, the Grandmaster of the Fel

Domain: The Cursed Lands

Legendary Artifact: The Cloak of Gloom (Armor)

Animal Race and Class: Unknown Fel Creature


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lotr ?Oops! 
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He brings death to the world. Creatures of the earth, be afraid! :D
Lionel23 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013
Hehe, that's a great comment! Might have to use that line in my story ^^
HorseCookies Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh so ominous and foreboding. I love the detail you took care to put into his skull brooch.
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November 12, 2013
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