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July 28, 2013
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The EU (Equestrian Union) - Part 1 by Lionel23 The EU (Equestrian Union) - Part 1 by Lionel23
Commission reference sheet done by my good friend and very talented artist :iconmr-tiaa:*mr-tiaa. This is a visual reference of my 'My Little Pony: Expanded Universe' idea and to give some visual reference for those reading my story (or at least the parts I will eventually get to!).

The Equestrian Union (also known as the EU) is an alliance of nations that all share a common thread with one another: extremely close and cordial relations with Princess Celestia and Canterlot. Many of these nations identify themselves as either close neighbors, colonies, or frontier/border zones that defend and protect inner Equestria.

Guide for illustration: Name and Country of inspiration/origin (left), the leader or 'face' of that nation (middle), soldier or citizen of said nation (right).

NOTE: This entry to be cleaned up at a later date.

From top to bottom these regions are:

The Kingdom of Canterbury
Inspired by: Medieval Kingdom of England; England
Description: The Kingdom of Canterbury lies far to the south of Equestria Proper, acting as Equestria's southern-most borderlands. From there, the Crown Authority commands the defense and watch of the Realm (which comprises both the Kingdom of Canterbury and the Domain of Trotterdam), keeping out various baddies and nasties that lie beyond the borders that threaten to spell much trouble should they infiltrate into the heart of Equestria. Amidst the low-rolling hills and the myriad of lakes that make up Canterbury, it is Castle Canterbury that shines as the brightest beacon in the Kingdom, serving not only as the regional capital but also the home of the Knight Order of Canterbury Castle.
Leader - Princess Angel Song / Lady of the Lake ; Prince Knight Light / The Crown Prince
Soldier - Knight of the Knight Order of Canterbury Castle

The Domain of Trotterdam
Inspired by: Barbarians/Vikings; The Netherlands
Description: The Domain of Trotterdam lies beyond the Kingdom of Canterbury and serves as the border regions of the Realm. In the cold and harsh lands, sturdy and strong breeds of warponies has risen to the challenge of their habitat and are some of the heartiest earth ponies in all of Equestria. While their numbers are few, they make up with their sheer aggressive, how impetuous they are, and lastly their hearty strength and stamina.
Leader - The Warlord Coltrane
Soldier - Trotterdam Warpony

Inspired by: Medieval France; France and Spain (respectively)
Description: Based around the time period featured in 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' by Disney, Prance is a mainly agrarian state that is the primary produces of raw sugarcane. They are close neighbors with the Tradeport of Coltstantinople, who take the raw sugarcane and refines them into a highly lucrative luxury item in Equestria: sugarcubes. The idea beyond Prance is that they are led by two primary factions: the Knight Templars (under the eldest sister Roan of Arc) and the Prance Inquisition (under the younger sister the Damsel Constancia). The Inquisition does its best to enforce the rule of law of the Damsel, while the Knight Templars protect the citizenry and trade routes of Prance.
Leaders- Roan of Arc (abdicated her position to lead the Knight Templars), Damsel Constancia (reigning monarch of Prance)
Soldiers - Lady Knight Templar, Inquisitional Guard

The Trade City of Coltstantinople
Inspired by: Constantinople; Byzantine Empire
Description: Lying at a strategically valuable location that controls most of the waterways to Equestria, Coltstantinople grew from a small free tradeport to a major economic powerhouse. The city is comprised exclusively of pegasi, many who are fervently loyal to the Emira whom they owe their great fortunes to. The Emira herself continues to expand Coltstantinople's reach, always looking for more lucrative markets (the city already has a monopoly on sugarcube production) to break into and dominate. However, the Emira's most recent efforts have been stopped by a certain pony named Filthy Rich...
Leader - Emira Cloudia
Soldier - Coltstantinople Cataphract

The Crystal Empire
Inspired by: ?
Description: Included for completeness sake, the Crystal Empire is located somewhere in the arctic north of Equestria, having appeared after vanishing more than 1,000 years. Thanks to the efforts of Twilight Sparkle, the Empire has been saved and Princess Cadance and Shining Armor rule jointly over its inhabitants.
Leader - Princess Cadance
Citizen - Crystal Pony

(NOTE: This entry will be cleaned up and updated later!)
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101cats Feb 26, 2014  Student
Funny how you pictured the Netherlands. Can I work it further out? I mean, can I use the designs you made for them? 
Fujin777 Feb 24, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
Cool set bro! And not to mention I like the idea of lands beyond Equestria.
wolfofdarknesse Oct 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm from Prance! ^^
UnityUniverse Aug 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I love this idea of the outside kingdoms around the outer parts of Equestria! Very clever word play for the names of the places.
Rajalyoko23 Aug 9, 2013  Student General Artist
The freakiest thing about the Crystal Empire is that their boundaries looked like Celestia gave it to them. Like Israel to Jews.
No on expects the Prance Inquisition!
Are the Inquisition like Judge Dredd? brutally enforcing the law and whatnot, or are they just regular "Just doing my job" cops?
hope its not like the real inquisition
murdering,for the word of a religious madness, under the control of the church interests
I don't think that would work, you see, the Inquisition didn't have god by their side telling them that shit aint right. Celestia and Luna are essentially gods, and i cant imagine them being mass murderers for any reason.

The real Inquisition has god as a defense, but these guys don't. 
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